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We are Bagnaiks!

An honest service to Art since 1969

In 1969 Bagnaik family decided to enter in to field of Art. Ramanna and Balkisan these two brothers started the working on Oil Painting Portrait and Landscapes. They decided to make this hobby and passion into a business.

From the young age Narendra Ramanna Bagnaik, Son of Ramanna Bagnaik have seen his father and uncle working on paintings. Inspired from elders Narendra Bagnaik decided to choose art as his career too. He finished G.D.ARTS from a reputed college of Pune called "Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalay" in first class.

Narendra Bagnaik’s skills with brushes and beautiful color helped hitm to make this Art public by organizing Painting Exhibitions and Workshops. For many years Narendra Bagnaik also served with his artistic skills by working with most popular festival of Pune “Ganeshostav” and now with help of Photography. For his great service to field of Art and Photography Narendra Bagnaik has received many State, National and International Awards & Recognitions.

Following his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps Sarvjit Narendra Bagnaik also decided the follow Photography as a career and continue the mission of working in the Field of Arts which started by his grandfather. While running the business Sarvjit also successfully completed his education in Arts with Degrees as G.D.Arts Commercial from "Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalay Pune", Diploma in Photography, and Bachelor in Journalism.

Looking at changes in technology and photography industry Sarvjit Bagnaik have modernized the family business with new technologies and ideas. Sarvjit received his first work order of Photography in his 10th grade. After that his journey as photographer started and it’s going strong. Sarvjit’s younger brother Mayur Narendra Bagnaik is international floorball player still he has decide to contribute to field of art with his family business and he is playing the important role in Studio Bagnaik.

Studio Bagnaik is 3rd generation business in Bagnaik Family. Studio Bagnaik is still serving the field of Arts with honesty and persistence. Journey of Artistic Family Started from 1969 and in 2019 it is celebrating its 50th Year Anniversary at Studio Bagnaik.

“We Studio Bagnaik are grateful to thousands of families and friends who supported us in this memorable journey of capturing beautiful moments!”

Why Choose Us?

One picture can speak thousand words!

We realize the significance of this important day in one’s life, which is why our team becomes an integral part of your wedding like our own family. We understand the responsibility on our shoulders and we know how important those memories will be for you and your family

We Studio Bagnaik pledge to make every endeavor to give you the best possible pictures and video from your wedding and to make sure that you are happy with the outcome.

Studio Bagnaik is an endeavor to capture all things beautifully. We have passionate team of wedding photographers that loves to capture and preserve the most beautiful moments.

Studio Bagnaik comprises of a talented, passionate, creative artisans who works to preserve the most valuable day of your life.

Invite us to be part of your celebration & creating stories that will be a reason for your smile in years to come.

We Dont know How Many Shots We've Taken in Last 50 Years

Meet the Team

Mr. Narendra Bagnaik
Founder, Fine Art Artist
Mr. Sarvajit Bagnaik
Mr. Mayur Bagnaik